About Us

About us

As the day goes, power source and its demand are rapidly evolving in the power resource industries. New products and technologies are invented to reduce man’s work load and consequently, the power resources have been modernized. To introduce you to the power resource and powerhouse, we are here to guide you to the ultimate usage and observation of our generator powerhouse.

We are relatively new to this modern world of power resource and generator powerhouse but we are bunch of experienced and avid tech engineers who have been working under different circumstances regarding generator powerhouse and its usage.

Our Story

The whole teams of our tech engineers believe that working over power resources require familiarity over copious amount of power resourcing and our years of experienced generator workers and techies are craving to improvise it over the world. Our skilled workers and engineers are dedicated towards their goal and thrive in this field for years.

Get focused on the level of expertise we have through our observation theories we share and inform us what you have in your mind. Whether you are a newbie or skilled engineer, we ensure you our community will guide you to the ultimate goal you have been craving.

Our Mission

Over the past 15 years, we have coped up to extend our productivity, effectiveness and safety of any kind of generator work; we look forward to assist you with the best generator power requirements for your special miscellaneous requirements. We’d like to structure our community into a better collection of power generator resources.

We are bound to our community’s rules and regulations and open minded about sharing latest technologies, techniques, sharing latest trends, guides and inspiration on this community that you might find quite useful for your power needs.

The GeneratorHowTo Team

John Ruskin

An Experienced Technician

John has a prolific background over handling generators and different power resources. He has been attached with power resource management over 10 years. Being a technician’s eldest son, he has taken and upgraded his techie brilliance to the extreme. He had a habit of practically doing things all around. He found the technician artistry from his early age and used to operate electrical wires and instruments. He used to think these wires and instruments are complicated things but in reality he had the obsession to be an electrical engineer. So, he never stopped to fiddling around the stuffs he had. This made him converted into bigger stuff to examine and one day he was successful to operate a damaged generator. So, from that moment, he made him a professional powerhouse techie and he believe that he can teach a numerous tricks and tips for operating and collecting better generator powerhouses in the market that would ease your work with the requirements for power resources.

Ervin Howard

A Professional Technician & Electrician

Ervin lives in Wisconsin and a professional technician, custom electric instrument builder and a freelance writer who writes several magazine articles on custom electric instrument building. He has quite a lot of experience on building generator machine with low cost instrument. So, he is a great asset in our community. He has built two quiet generator for his outdoor work where he needs electrical power. He was succeeded building quiet generator and hopeful of contributing to this community. He follows other successful engineer and technician who built larger and more complicated powerhouse. He regularly frequents different exhibitions for high tech engineering to find information about latest technology and hope to provide productive service to this community.