What Size Generator for 30-amp RV

Simple Tips & Guides on What Size Generator for 30-amp RV

As you need to have power generator for your outdoor work, you instantly fell into pondering about what size generator for 30-amp RV should I buy? Is there any better brand that would fulfill my expectation or should I buy a 3000-watt generator? There are many prominent brands out there that would do the job for you.

Here, we are going to briefly show you what you can run on 30-amps RV

  • Brief Discussion about 30-amp Service
  • Comparison between 30-amp and 50-amp Service
  • What Size Generator do i need for my 30-amp RV?
  • Few other Things to Remember

Brief Discussion about 30-amp Service

30-amp service refers to the electric current and its intensity, this is the standard electric current for your outdoor recreational vehicle that consists of 120-volt and supplies 3000-watt current. The 30-amp service uses,

  • Three Prong Receptacles
  • Single Dedicated 30-amp Breaker
  • TT-30 Plugs

Comparison Between 30-Amp and 50-Amp Service

Firstly, 50-amp service provides more electrical power than 30-amp. 50-amp has the ability to adjust 12000-watt where 30-amp service provides only 3600-watt electrical power. So, here one question could rise in your mind that can you plug 30-amp RV into 50-amp plug?

The answer is pretty simple, just plug the RV cord into the female end of the adapter and later, plug the adapter into the 50-amp power supply.

What Size Generator Do I Need for My 30-Amp Rv?

Generally, you need to use a 3600-watt generator and that would be sufficed. So, what can you run on 30-amp RV? To Power on your outdoor camp Air conditioner, refrigerator and hot water heater, different machine requires variable power.

If your self-propelled vehicle runs on gas, you likely need to travel for a gas-powered generator. electrical converter generators specifically area unit classed rather more economical and you’ll be able to get gas to anyplace.

Propane generators are more than popular for its long lasting shelf life and cleaner emissions. However, the power is dependent upon its tank size and refill opportunities could also be less frequent if you head to a lot of secluded areas.

Dual fuel generators provide several edges as they’ll run on completely different combos of fuel that means you’re less probably to be left with powering off once it involves associate degree of emergency or surprising stopover. They’re conjointly economical to run and might cut back your fuel storage wants.

A drawback is that the purchasing and bucks you are going to spend, expect to pay a decent bit a lot of for a dual-fuel generator though you’ll be able to recoup this in savings on fuel over time.

Air Conditioner

If you wish to use your generator to supply air con, this may typically need a bigger quantity of electric power, it naturally can take additional energy than merely victimize it to enter a cellular phone or charge the battery. A 3600-watt generator can run the cooling, fridge, and the device and also the trailer and many additional devices, therefore if its aircon you wish then this can be the device to travel for!


If you would like to power your freezer, this may take around 540 watts whereas the new hot-water heater around 1340 watts. Therefore, an honest plan if you’re running a smaller generator is to show the refrigerator thus it’s running on gas so you don’t mistreat the component and pull loads of watts from the generator.

Hot Water Heater

The same goes for the new hot-water heater if you have got one that runs on gas and electrical, the electrical part on that can pull plenty of additional watts that could be a pretty huge draw on a mini-sized generator. Therefore, once you own a smaller generator, you would like to undertake using gas appliances as maximum amount as possible!

Few Other Things to Remember

So, if you are all set to buy a generator then here is something more factual stuff you need to keep in mind.

  • Try to purchase a quietest generator, every additional 10 dBA truly doubles the previous level of noise, portable ones tend to be the quietest, are available in between 55-70 dBA
  • Purchase light weight generators, even two light weight generator combining would be much better than a bulky heavy generator
  • The generator fuel is one of the most overlooked things, choose diesel, propane or gasoline generators that are most widely used

At the end, when you’re searching for what size generator for 30-amp RV, you get to make out what quantity power you would like, contemplate the sort of fuel which will be most sensible for renewal, aboard weight and noise levels. In general, with a mean consumption, a 3,000-watt generator can fulfill and permitting you to become really self-contained with the liberty to determine once and wherever you park up.

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